Copied from Fred, AB1OC :

Hello Neil,


We'd be happy to help you and your members. There is no need to join our club to participate in our April and May meetings.
You and all of your members are welcome to join us online for our Meetings and Tech Nights in April and May as well
as on the air for our after-meeting nets. Here are some links that will explain what we are doing and how to join in -



We know that many folks are stuck at home and looking for some things to do.
We have several existing nets as well as the new, 40m after meeting nets that
we’re launching in conjunction with our online meetings in April and May.
The third link above explains what we have available and how to join in.
All of our nets are available to all licensed Amateurs so do encourage your members to join them as well.
Our weekly repeater net is via the N1IMN-N1IMO repeater system and our 10m HF chat nets is held on 28.480 MHz.


It would be helpful if you could give us some idea how many folks from your club might want to join our online meetings.
We don’t need any precision here, just a rough guess at how many folks might show up.
Right now, we are opening our meetings for April and May to all US-based Hams and
we are trying to plan for adequate online capacity should we have a large response.


I hope that all of this is helpful for you. We know that the situation with the virus is putting a lot of stress on
Amateur Radio Clubs and we are trying our best to do what we can to help with the situation.


Best and 73,


Fred (AB1OC)

President, Nashua Area Radio Society

Dayton Hamvention® 2019 Club of the Year

Any questions, please post here and I will try and answer them...

Published on 06/25/2016, 12:07:30.
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