The Board

The officers of the Cheshire County DX Amateur Radio club assist us by organizing club activities, keeping up with club paperwork and paying the bills.
If you have suggestions that would benefit the club, contact one of the board officers. We're a very active club with a responsive  board.
                                                                       For general information or questions, e-mail us at:

December 15, 2022       Congratulations to the new officers;

      President - K1CRR    e-mail:   Ronald Osimo 

      Vice President - WA5GAD    e-mail:   George Dragoon 

      Secretary -  WA1YZN   e-mail:   Bruce Bohannon

      Treasurer - KB1VGJ   e-mail:   Bert Wilkins

      Public Information Officer - K1JWM  e-mail:  Jeffery Mungovan,

We are governed by our   Club Constitution and ByLaws.          

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