CCDX Amateur Radio Club

Club Mailing Address:
CCDX Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 10661
Swanzey, NH 03446-0661
 For general information or questions, e-mail us at:

The Cheshire County DX Amateur Radio Club supports local members --and not so local members--ham radio operators in a variety of activities.
The "CCDX" name is a play on the ARRL's DXCC Award, but the club is about much more than chasing DX.
We're a group of people interested in all aspects of Amateur Radio and have come together to combine our efforts, knowledge, and enjoyment of the activity.
Anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio communications is welcome. We have a facebook page here

Volunteers for club officers needed.

We need a secretary, treasurer, and public information officer for 2024. If you would like to help the club,       e-mail  Ron,  K1CRR

 Future Events
         ► December is elections for next year’s officers.

          ► January  13, 2024   ARRL/VEC Exam Session


Membership in CCDX ARC

To print our member application   CLICK HERE  
You can drop by for one of our monthly meetings or contact:   - K1CRR  Ron Osimo 
Membership in the CCDXARC is open to all licensed radio amateurs, foreign and domestic.
Even if you are a member of another club, we encourage you to join the CCDXARC.
Yearly member dues, (due on January 1) of $20.00 are required,  necessary and essential in order to provide;
  • Annual donation to the Federated Church of Marlborough for the use of the building.
  • Annual registration and maintenance for the club's equipment trailer.
  • Club liability insurance.
  • Miscellaneous expenses related to Field Day.
  • Expenses related to yearly membership drive mailings.
  • Annual pizza party.
  • Upkeep of club equipment.
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