Welcome to the CCDX Amateur Radio Club

With members from all over the Monadnock Region and beyond, CCDX is a general interest Amateur Radio Club based in Cheshire County, New Hampshire. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio, whether licensed or not.


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Upcoming Meetings:

October 2017:

 Peter, K1PJS, NH ARRL, NH ARES, and digital modes

November 2017:

Dale, AF1T, Famous antenna talk...


December 2017:




Randy, N1KWF, 6m DX and propagation,


Joel, WA1ZYX, and Bruce, WA1YZN, VHF Repeaters


IMPORTANT: We are now meeting at the Community House, 160 Main Street, Marlborough, NH.


Other Events:


 For Events on Air, see WA7BNM's contest calendar:




DMR-MARC Repeater,  Keene, New Hampshire
Now with an improved repeater antenna!!
WA1ZYX  444.650 +5 MHz Color Code 1
Check out the DMR tab on the Activities page for more info!



      10m HF net,   Sunday nights @ 7:30pm , 28.355 usb    All are welcome...



Wednesday Nite VHF net on K1TQY, 146.805, pl 100.0

Every 2nd Thursday of the month, 
there will be an ARES net on:

146.805 + pl 100.0

starting at 7:30 pm.
All stations are welcome.

 NH-ARES, Cheshire County Freq.'s :

NET...146.805 ,K1TQY, pl-100, - offset...

146.865, Brattleboro, pl-100, - offset

HF -     3.945 LSB,    7.273 LSB
VHF -  147.540 Simplex,

Reminder...If interested in NH-ARES, or becoming a Cheshire County NTSD station, contact Larry, KA1VGM, Cheshire County EC, or Peter Stohrer, K1PJS

           Local NTS nets!! Give a listen...


 Granite State Traffic Net 9p daily 146.94 K1PJS repeater

         MSN (Maryland),  3563 kHz 7:30p Daily Radiogram training course

         HBSN (7:30 AM), HBN (8:30 AM) 7112 kHz

         VTNH Slow 3539 kHz 7p Daily

         1RN4/E, 1RN4/L for more challenge 3598 kHz 7:34p and 9:30p

         EAN for a real challenge 3575 kHz 8:30p

         PTN (Pine Tree Net) 3596 7pm Daily

         MSSN (Maine) 6p 3585 kHz