Randy, N1KWF

Randy's main areas of interest are in contesting and chasing DX. "My station location tends to favor domestic contests as apposed to DX contests because of my poor path towards Europe. In a worldwide DX contest Europe accounts for approximately 75% of the contacts.

"In a domestic contest I am in pretty good shape as my terrain slopes off quite rapidly towards the USA. The greatest ham population in the USA is east of the Mississippi river."

The Shack


"Rig is an Elecraft K3 with the stock 2.7Khz and 8 pole 400hz roofing filters in the main RX and only the 2.7Khz in the sub-RX. When operating on 40m,80m,and 160m I typically run my K3 in diversity mode, transmit antenna in left ear and receive array in right ear (Yamaha CM-500 headset).

"For software I use DxLab Suites for general logging and a combination of N1MM and WinTest depending on which contest. Computer is running Win 7/64 with a 22-inch and 24-inch monitor."


"Amplifier is an Alpha 76-PA. The (3) 8874 tubes have been replaced with a mod to use (2) 3CX800's. Key is a Schurr Profi from Germany. I use Microham products for antenna switching, rig control, and digital modes. I use the StackMatch by WX0B for phasing/switching the combinations of yagis."

The Antennas


"The tower is 150' from the house and is fed with LDF4-50a hardline."


"On my tower I have a Force12 C-4XL at 96', a Cushcraft 4el 15m at 35' and a Cushcraft 4el 10m at 25'. On 6m I have (2) PAR-50 (Par Electronics) omnis phased at 85' and 71'. On 80m I use a not so flat dipole at 95' broadside to Eu and stateside. On 160m I shunt feed the tower. The top yagi is turned with a Prosistel PST-2051.

"I also have a Hi-Z 4square receive array located 200' east of the tower that I use on 40m thru 160m.
A Force12 6m 6el yagi will be going at the top of the mast."