Main Station: 


My main station consists of:

HF - Kenwood TS-590SG with a studio microphone through a mixer (not visible) and foot switch.
Digital - Direct, KAM Plus and fldigi.
This is currently hooked to a home-made OCF/Windom covering 80m-6m @ ~40'.
VHF - Voice/Digital Yaesu FT1500M hooked to a dual band vertical @ ~25', 
VHF/UHF - Packet, Voice -TMD700 into a Jpole @ ~25'.
VHF dedicated Packet - Kantronics dvr 2-2  & Packet Communicator.
Portables - Yaesu FT50R, FT60RD and Tytera MD-380 DMR
CB is for monitoring channel 6 for  early notification 10 meter propagation openings.



Dell Precision T3500 (bottom monitor PC is on the floor)- Currently my main shack PC.
I use this for all functions. I am currently in the process of replacing this with a Raspberry Pi 3.

Raspberry Pi 3 (top monitor) - main shack PC. 
The PC is actually hanging behind the bottom monitors.
This PC consumes ~5 watts and runs 24/7.
This is used for my logbooks for CQRLog and other programs.