We as Amateur Radio operators know how important this is, whether it be in a circuit or an antenna.

Merriam-Webster also defines it as follows:

“a quality that makes something personally meaningful or important to someone”

Well for me, that works too…

I’ve been reminded a couple of times in the past few days how important it is to me to be able to go pretty much anywhere in the amateur bands and not have to touch the tuner button on my radio. This got me to thinking as to where my systems stand in regards to resonance. Where is my SWR flat or near flat and where do I have to start worrying?

Now that I’m done with all the current antenna projects, I thought it would be a good time to grab my antenna analyzer and check all the antennas on all of the bands. Develop a baseline, if you will. The results are below…


L - 160M ¼ Inverted L w/60 foot vertical section. Folded Counterpoise ground system.
V - 80M Inverted V w/apex at 64 feet
OCF - Windom - 140 feet total at 40 feet
Pro67 - Mosley Pro-67B at 68 feet. 2 elements on 40, 3 elements on 20-12 and 4 elements on 10
TA53 - Mosley TA-53M at 43 feet. 3 elements on 20 to 10

Doug - K1ZO