Saturday Breakfast Musings

It’s not a CCDX scheduled event, but each Saturday morning somewhere between 9 and 9:30 am, 5 to 15 CCDX members will arrive at Mama Duke’s Restaurant on Rte 119 in Troy, NH for a weekly breakfast gathering. Once inside we are greeted by a welcoming staff and on many days graciously allowed to pull tables together, virtually taking over the restaurant to accommodate our entire group. And oh yes, after settling in, breakfast is ordered and served in a timely fashion.


(Left To Right) Chuck - KA1MTM, Arnie - N1BAC, Mike - N1MXJ,
Jack - N1NGF, Bruce - WA1YZN and Buzz - WA1NHP


(Left To Right) Derek - W1WWW, Bruce - WA1YZN, Buzz - WA1NHP, Dave - W1DXX,
Chuck - KA1MTM, Arnie - N1BAC, Becca - KB1DXX, Mike - N1MXJ and Jack - N1NGF

So what is this really all about, this group that gathers on Saturdays with a larger attendance sometimes than our monthly meetings? A couple of thoughts come to my mind.

Seated among us on Saturdays are CCDX members with years of Ham Radio experience, some with less experience and some who have impressive technical training. If you come armed with a question about our hobby, you will invariably find an answer. Friendly information, disseminated with a personal approach, is hard to come by in any arena, but from high tech information to practical advice it’s all there seated around you on Saturdays. I’ve personally learned a great deal on Saturday mornings. It’s much easier than digging through and reading about Ham Radio in the 40 or so books I have, but seldom refer to, or fully understand when I do.

On par with any group of Amateur Radio groups, the talk will sometimes come around to, “I have an xxx??? I’d like to sell”, or “I’ve been looking for a xxx???”. Occasionally a parking lot transfer of Ham radio gear will take place; computer interfaces, mobile radios, antennas and even an arrangement for a piece of 4 feet of galvanized pipe have been witnessed.  Sales are certainly not the purpose or main event on Saturday’s but you never know what might become available…sort of a mini Near-Fest with breakfast thrown in.

Human nature somehow dictates that people enjoy being around other people, I’ll defer to the psychologist and or sociologists to explain why that is, but certainly the camaraderie at our Saturday breakfasts is a most important factor. I think of my favorite aviator, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who said in his classic work, “Wind Sand and Stars”, “but for human relations there is no joy”. How true that is. You should come and join the CCDX Saturday morning group and enjoy the camaraderie and socializing but be warned that it can be habit forming. I found myself walking around Near-Fest on Saturday morning this year wondering what was happening at “Mama Dukes”.  

Ward - N1QVW