2013 NEQP From Coos County With AE1P

For the 2013 edition of the New England QSO Party, Neil - AE1P, decided to head North to Coos County. Having made the trip before, Neil currently holds the record for Single Op Low Power with 41,586 points. He set that in 2009.

While most would be satisfied to throw a couple of wires into the trees, Neil's "antenna farm" was a little more ambitious. He brought along his 50 foot crank-up "military" mast to hold a Hy-Gain Explorer-14 yagi with 40 Meter add-on kit and a 20-40-80 Meter Inverted V. And for good measure he also installed a Zero-Five 10-80 Meter Vertical.

In the "shack" was his K3 HF Transceiver, laptop, mic and headphones. One would think that he was going to be there a month rather than 3 days.

Was it worth it? Take a look at the totals.

Band    QSOs    Pts    Mul
  3.5       8         8      0
    7     201       201   23
   14     363      363   48
   21      35        35     7
   28       2          2     2

Total     611     611   82

Adjusted Total Score = 44,844 points (A New Record)

Great job Neil!!